Redefine Yourself presented by Cody Deal

"Cody lights a fire inside of you that you didn’t know you had. He creates laughter and smiles everywhere he goes. He will carry you on your back when you are In need and builds you into a superhuman to fight the world. I’m forever grateful of his enjoyable personality and friendship. "

Austin Turner - PGDA Professional Athlete
#67 Player In The World - World Disc Golf Rankings

"Cody added great value to my performance. He knew how to keep me calm, centered, and lighthearted so I could be at my best competing at the highest level in our sport."

Thomas Gilbert - PDGA Professional Disc Golfer
#61 Player In The World - World Disc Golf Rankings

""Success leaves clues. Cody has achieved success in every venture he has focused on. His discipline, dedication, and practice helped him sculpt his physique, become a top athlete in multiple sports, star in a film, build multiple successful businesses, and have an inner confidence that radiates out and inspires others. He has helped countless people achieve phenomenal bodies and create a powerful and winning mindset. If you follow Cody’s program and learn the secrets to his success, you too can awaken the legend inside you.""

Behavioral Healthcare Specialist

"Thank goodness for Cody’s arrival to Kansas Meditation Center. His insights and instruction could not have come at a better time."

Dr. Bhante Piyaratana, Ph.D.
Kansas Meditation Center

"Cody has helped me through a tough point in my life so effortlessly with his great advice and listening abilities. He’s a natural teacher and cares greatly for all of his clients. He will go the extra mile for you. "

Mechanical Engineer

"Cody overachieves at everything he puts his mind into. I taught him a game and he soon become the master and teacher. If you want to learn how to master any skill, study with Cody."

Rainbow Six Siege Coach

"Cody personifies hard work and dedication. My eating habits are directly from his playbook."

Veil Pierce

Cody Deal 1:1 Zoom Training / Coaching Call:
Masculine Frame Dating Model


- Full 90-Minute Zoom or Discord Video Call

- Private 1-to-1 consultation teaching you the my Masculine Frame Dating Model, and the process from going from not being noticed by women to all women noticing you.

- Walk through of this process and model.

- For this to be effective, you must show up as your best with a willingness to learn. If you are a cynic and pessimistic, then you don't qualify for 1-to-1 coaching. You have to geniunely accept responsibility for the lack of work you've done to raise your sexual marketplace value. It's time to get to work. I'll show you this process, but it's going to have to be YOU to implement it.

- After our initial 90-minute consultation, and you love how we've frame male-female relationships, you can set up an on-going monthly coaching call to keep you on track to reaching your goals.


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